“Our goal is to select the real estate asset class with the highest propensity to increase net operating income in the shortest period of time. According to the research, that asset class is overwhelmingly hotels.”
- Brett Moody, CEO
Please read the prospectus carefully before making an investment to learn more about the risks of investing in Moody National REIT II, Inc. These risks include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) no public trading market for the shares of the common stock of Moody National REIT II, Inc.; (2) there is no assurance that Moody National REIT II, Inc. will be able to successfully achieve its investment objectives; (3) there is no guarantee Moody National REIT II, Inc. will ever complete a liquidity event by a certain date; (4) substantial fees are paid to the advisor, which were not determined on an arm’s-length basis; (5) the advisor and other affiliates will face conflicts of interest as a result of compensation arrangements, time constraints and competition for investments and for tenants; (6) the amount of distributions paid, if any, is uncertain and distributions may be paid from other sources such as borrowings, offering proceeds or deferral of fees and expense reimbursements by the advisor; and (7) if Moody National REIT II, Inc. fails to qualify as a REIT, it would adversely affect its operations and ability to make distributions to stockholders.